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Hentai Sites the world's best porn sites of 2024.

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Welcome to HentaiSites.com, the world’s best directory of adult anime, sexy hentai and manga-influenced perversion in the world! 🔥 💯

Greetings fellow hentai enthusiasts, otaku neckbeards, eager weeaboos and general masturbators! If you’ve been trying to find the very best fap fodder featuring big-eyed, big-boobed manga babes, you’ve come to exactly the right place. It’s kind of ironic that we live in what is arguably the golden age of hentai, with more of the stuff readily available than ever before, yet it’s somehow still a challenge to find the best of the best. That’s where HentaiSites comes in!

One of the biggest problems facing us horny hentai fans is just the sheer volume of sites flooding the internet. Google sure as hell can’t tell the difference between a world-class doujinshi library and some low-effort chicken scratch scribbles, which I’m sure you’ve learned if you’ve ever asked the search giant for a little help. No, computers can’t get boners, so they can’t tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Japanese porn comics and sex cartoons. For that, you’re going to need a human touch and a pervert’s opinion, and who better to guide you along than the world’s foremost expert on internet pornography?

I’ll be your host, The Porn Dude! ❓ 😎

I sometimes take it for granted that not everybody has heard of me, which may have something to do with the massive size of my head or just the fact that my other big review site gets millions of visitors every day. I’ve been running ThePornDude.com for about a decade now, ranking and reviewing adult websites in every filthy category under the sun. My site’s a go-to spot for anybody in the mood to rub one out, whether they’re looking for a free lesbian tube, a premium BDSM video library, a porn forum, or some insanely hot uncensored hentai straight from the source.

My little online empire has expanded over the years, as you can see with joints like Hentai Sites. This one’s aimed right at anime enthusiasts like yourself, but I’ve got others if you’re interested. There’s BestPornGames for the hard and drippy gamers, FetishPornSites for the super freaky, and MyGaySites if you’re after some guy-on-guy action. If you’re interested in starting your own adult website of any type, don’t miss PornWebmasters, and I also bang world-famous pornstars at my premium porn site, PornDudeCasting.

What makes HentaiSites so different from ThePornDude? 👌⭐

It’s the focus, my dudes. ThePornDude has sections dedicated to free hentai libraries, streaming hentai tubes and premium versions of the same, but I know how picky some of you weebs can be. There ain’t no shame in that, as masturbatory preferences are a deeply personal thing. With HentaiSites, I’m breaking down my rankings and reviews into even more hentai-oriented categories to make it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking to beat off to today.

So what’ll it be? Here at HentaiSites, you’ll find lists of the best hentai streaming sites, live cosplay sex cams, hentai paysites and sex doll shops that carry synthetic waifus with crazy hair and manga eyes. I’ve got sections devoted to Korean manhwa, futanari archives, VR hentai and ASMR sites full of those high-voiced, giggly Japanese girls that make your skin tingle and your dick twitch. There’s furry porn and free hentai downloads, hentai subreddits and illustrated lesbians, doujinshi libraries and GIF archives. The list goes on and on.

I’ve got dozens of categories already, and frankly, the site is still young and always growing. A couple years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined artificial intelligence being a viable option, but check out my list of AI porn sites if you’re looking to generate your own custom manga smut in just a few seconds with just a few clicks. Who knows what the future holds in store for horny anime fans? Whatever pops up next, I’ll be sure to let you know right away—and provide my expert opinion and trademark humor while I’m at it!

Enjoy the finest hentai the world has to offer while staying spam-free and safe from viruses, malware, and other nefarious bullshit! 🤝😍

As a hentai consumer just like any of you, I’m always looking for the best possible experience when I’m surfing the web and shaking my dick at the screen. That means finding the hottest content available, with the least amount of bullshit getting in the way. Spammy sites earn low rankings on their relevant lists, and the really sketchy spots won’t even make the cut. I didn’t earn my reputation pointing visitors to phishing expeditions trying to steal their identities, scam their credit cards and give them herpes!

That said, this is the internet, and a lot of the sites I’ve reviewed use ads as their main source of revenue. It’s hard to completely avoid spam, but there are certainly things you can do to avoid it. Make sure your web browser is up to date for starters, and you should definitely be using an adblocker. Hell, this is shit you should be doing whether you’re looking at wholesome shit online or beating off to the kinkiest gender-swapped BDSM hentai parodies ever created.

I’ve got some adblockers reviewed in my Useful Software section over at ThePornDude, but my quick and easy recommendation is to install uBlock Origin if you haven’t already. Oh, and do me a favor, will you? If you click a link here at HentaiSites and end up being shot in the face with a spam cannon, drop me a line so I can adjust my rankings accordingly. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to get off to manga girls here.

Hit me up if you’ve got any questions, comments, concerns, rants, nude selfies or freshly homebrewed hentai you just can’t wait to share! 💌

Find my deets on the Contact Me page linked below. I try to keep myself readily available all the time, so you can reach me via email, skype, WhatsApp, and a few more of the usual suspects. I’m on Discord, too, and even have my own server with tens of thousands of members chatting about smut, sharing hentai, and just shooting the shit. Why not join the rest of us freaks and have some fun? One of us, one of us!

Oh, and one more thing...

As much as I hate to break character, I’ve learned over the years that there are some seriously dense motherfuckers out there. I know sarcasm doesn’t always come through over the internet, but come on, have you seen the size of my head? I’m a literal cartoon, not an actual dude. If the over-the-top persona doesn’t make it clear that I’m a fictional character, take a look at PornDudeCasting. The guy playing me is clearly wearing an oversized mascot mask! If you think that’s his real head, I’m surprised you can even read this.

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I don’t own or operate any of the sites listed or reviewed here at HentaiSites. I keep my eye out for illegal and copyright-infringing content so I can keep those sites out of the listings, but the web’s a constantly changing place and I can’t revisit all these sites every day. If you find some shady shit, report it to the respective site owners first, and let me know so I can take action on my end.

As with ThePornDude.com, HentaiSites features reviews written by a diverse team of writers assuming the satirical role of an oversexed, masturbation-addicted pornographic anime super-enthusiast. The reviews are all real when talking about issues like hentai quality, volume and convenience. The jokes, on the other hand, are not meant to be taken literally. Nobody’s actually snorting truck-stop boner pills or beating off at the coffee shop while reviewing manga porn parodies—at least not around here!