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CamContacts Cosplay
CamContacts Cosplay

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CamContacts Cosplay

You, bastards, know I don’t have your everyday boring missionary intercourse. I get my fuck on on a level you dip shits could never replicate. I take a sluts pussy to locations she never thought attainable. Because of this, I can’t fuck your everyday cooters. I need whore pussies that can take the brutal beatings my hog dishes out. I'm living on the edge of what's sexually possible, so a cunt needs to be prepared to plunge off the cliff at any second.


My Bitches Keep Their Head in the Game

I keep bitches at the ready for anything that may come, including my penis. They can never guess when I might drop a new fetish, toy, or position on them out of nowhere. When I'm done using and abusing a bitch's body, they barely know what the fuck just happened. However, one thing is for sure. Sluts never leave my bedroom bored. Not even God could count how many fetishes I’ve dabbled in during my lifetime, but it’s safe to say you fucks will never catch up. I'm fucking more whores than you could hope to fuck in a million lifetimes.


You probably don't even have an idea of how many fetishes there are floating around. My theory is that the human imagination developed with the sole intent of inventing new and perverted ways to bone each other. If you ask me, that's time well spent. What the fuck else am I going to use my mental capacities for? Inventing new ways to hunt food and seek shelter? What am I, a fucking dweeb? I'll let you nerds handle that shit while I fuck every sexy gash in the tribe. I’d rather sleep outside, eat dirt, and destroy cavewoman pussy like an alpha male.


Twisted Fantasies

Let me expand your brain case with a few rare fetishes I’m sure haven’t crossed your mind. Basically, the only place you can find these fetishes performed in porn is in hentai cartoons and cosplay. No one wants to do this type of shit dressed like themselves. Has anyone heard of lithophilia? No? That's fair. I wouldn't expect many people to be aroused by stone and gravel.


Wow. I'd hate to be the asshole attached to a dude who loves fucking stone and gravel. That's a hard life, right there. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst anal enemy. However, lithophilia would be a convenient fetish to have. Are you telling me all they have to do is walk outside and look down to cream their fucking pants? I'd move to the woods and live in a tent surrounded by the objects of my affection.


I imagine there isn’t one Lithophilian that is a fan of mine. Why would they be? There isn't much porn for them to watch, and besides. Watching porn would be kind of fucking stupid when they can just take a walk, fill an old shoebox with detritus from the street, return to their abode, and fire loads on some sandstone. At first, I was disturbed, but now I would kill to have that fetish. But that's the thing. Lithophilia can actually kill you.


It's a risky endeavor anytime a man has a fetish for an object tiny enough to fit in an anus. Plus, gravel isn’t exactly the most hygienic shit on the planet. Cramming it in your bung could surely cause some deleterious effects. Something tells me that Lithophiliansdon't wash their stones before sticking them inside their colons. Those rocks are getting raw dogged. The hazards men are willing to trudge through for an orgasm never surprise me anymore.


I can't say I've seen this happen on live stream, but live streaming is your best shot at convincing a cunt to do it. That's because you can directly pay a bitch, and it's going to cost you. However, when you have such an extreme fetish, money isn't an issue. Plus, bitches on Cam Contacts are reasonably priced.


From Stings come Jizz

Speaking of dangerous fetishes, depending on your allergy status, few are as risky as Melissaphilia. You can’t derive it from the name, but melissaphilia is arousal to flying stinging insects such as bees and wasps. My first question is, what did Melissa do to deserve having this fetish named after her?


The Ballad of Steve

Here is my theory. A fellow, let's call him Bob for clarity's sake, is fucking some insufferable bitch named Melissa. He fucking hates this bitch's guts, but they’re married and have kids. One day, while going for a walk in the woods with the kids, Melissa hits her head on a wasp's nest, and thousands of pissed-off wasps fly out and get to stinging her to death.


There is nothing Steve can do to rescue her without putting himself and the children at risk. Besides, this is an awesome opportunity? He's wanted to get rid of this cunt for years. While the children are forever traumatized by the event, Steve just watched a bitch he despises get peppered by wasp stings. It was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen. It was better than the birth of his children. Now every time Steve sees a wasp, his cock turns into the Empire State Building.


Believe it or not (pun intended), I've seen quite a bit of bee and wasp porn, and I'm not just talking about hentai. You'd be surprised how common it is. Once again, I haven't seen it live, but if anyone will do it, it's bitches on Cam Contacts. These cunts are buck wild. I hope you have your wallet out.


The Place For Pervs to Be

With that said, let's check out Cam Contacts. Cam Contacts is an extensive live-streaming site unlike most you will ever run into. Not only is their customer base perverse and randy bastards like us, but they also help people looking to meet for more than just a fap.


The live-streaming rooms are split into many categories. Some are vanilla, such as Making new friends and Long term or marriage. Others are in the middle, like Maxim magazine. Examples are Adult softcore, Glamour girls, Girls home alone, a little shy, and Girl on girl.


We don’t want to mess with any of that softcore bullshit, though. We want the disturbing shit. Don’t worry. Cam Contacts have plenty, including Adult hardcore, Girls home alone - not so shy, Girls home alone - instant action, Girl on girl hardcore, fetish, dungeon, and Gender benders.


All the nasty shit options are fantastic, but we’re here today to see some cosplay fetish bitches in particular. Before getting too deep, you’ll need to sign up for a membership. Otherwise, you can’t unlock Cam Contacts' full potential.


Once you're in, you’ll see a single column of thumbnails. Each has information about the performer, such as name, language, age, a tagline, and links to their profile, text chat, and stream.


Whore Profiles

Find yourself a sexy cunt and click on her pic. It opens up her profile, where you can learn a little bit more about a bitch. Up top is a header with a picture, another quote, her rating out of five stars, sexual preference, and links to text her, email her, or send a present. At any point, you can hit the big yellow “live video chat” button to start the stream.


Below the header is a set of pictures. Most bitches put a bunch up to lure horny men like us toward the live streams. For example, Miss Odalis has a couple of dozen pics portraying her in assorted stages of undress. Among the pics, you will find little factoids about a bitch. There's an about me, a what turns a bitch on, and a what turns a bitch off.


One of my favorite performers is Eva. Eva is willing to go to the four corners of the globe in an effort to make you cum. Will she stick rocks in her asshole> I'm not sure. I haven't asked, but if anyone will, it's her.


I've seen this cunt do some twisted shit. All you have to do is ask. It never hurts to ask. What are your deepest and most disturbing fantasies? What would you never tell another person? Those are the things you should be whispering to Eva. She loves to know what makes your cock tick.


Cam Contacts doesn't fuck around. They have some crazy ass bitches that love to take sex to the limit. Not only will you need a cum rag on Cam Contacts, but you'll need a sweat rag, too.


My only complaint about Cam Contact is that the thumbnails are displayed in one column. It makes for slow browsing.


I bet you sick fucks are already in your front yards collecting rocks. When you're done, take them to Eva and see what ideas she has.



+Crazy bitches

+Stream Quality

+Lack of ads



-Thumbnails displayed in only one column

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