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LiveJasmin Cosplay
LiveJasmin Cosplay

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LiveJasmin Cosplay

Cosplay used to be some niche shit for geeks, virgins, and virgin geeks. At this point, every dumb fuck has heard of cosplay, but today I’m not writing about that Lord of the Rings, ren fair, Star Trek-type nerdy cosplay. Instead, I’m writing about sluts barely dressed as some anime cunt banging on their clits with a triple-sized hippo cock vibrator. You guys can have a blast swinging fake swords at each other. I'll be over here plowing your sister while she’s dressed like Sailor Moon with her tits out. I love how she looks at me as she squirts all over my erect manhood.


Porn has placed cosplay in the public eye, and these days there isn’t a perv out there who hasn’t sprinkled his carpet with jizz while jerking off to some. At this point, the question isn’t have you seen it? It’s who is your favorite character, and who is your favorite performer? There are a ton of slutty cunts to choose from.


Getting in Character

I’m not sure what attracts these bitches to cosplay, but whores that would never be caught dead shooting traditional porn seem fine sticking a webcam up their labias as long as they are dressed as Sammus while they do it. Taking on a role helps them separate the porn from their own persona sufficiently enough that jabbing a couple of remote control dildos up their ass doesn’t seem out of character. Whores become engrossed in an alternate universe where their persona no longer lives. There is nothing of their authentic selves left. It’s not their bean that they are furiously flicking. It’s Lois Lane's, Harley Quinn's, or Elaine's from Seinfeld.


As I said, every man has his most beloved bitches, so I should share some of mine. I remember the first time a cartoon gave me an erection like it was yesterday. I was watching "Space Jam," and my cock shot up when Lola Bunny slinked on screen. I’ve never seen a rabbit in real life with curves like that. I'm glad I haven't. Otherwise, I'd be in prison for bestiality. The law tends to frown at fucking small forest-going creatures.


I’m not an anime watcher, so I don’t know any anime bitches names, but I don't need to know names to enjoy when whores dress like anime sluts. Anime characters are so pristine and innocent-looking. It makes watching them masturbate all the more compelling. I will say that that ahegao face is annoying as shit, though. It makes me want to punch a bitch in her stupid lips, not cum in a bitches eyes. Many gents seem to enjoy that shit, though.


Pixar Makes my Dick Hard

Some of the most infamously sexy CGI characters come from Pixar Studios. I’m not sure who is in charge of creating the dump truck asses over at the Pixar lot, but they deserve one hell of a raise. These dumb cunts have butts that comprise a third of their body weight. The back issues these whores face on a daily basis must be paralyzing off-screen. I hope Pixar Studios pays for medical care, massages, and steroid injections. If not, these sluts will likely crumble under the mass of their own thickness. How do they even take a shit? They'd need a crowbar to pry their ass cheeks apart. Otherwise, the turds are getting lost on their way to the toilet.


My penis quivers at the thought of being ripped to pieces by the superpowers of Wonder Woman’s gash. Regardless I'm still willing to trudge into battle and get my cock whooped for the privilege of having my manhood amputated by the greatest Amazonian warrior ever to live. I hope she traps me with her lasso of truth and asks me if I want to fuck her mouth, pussy, or anus. My answer would be simple and concise, “yes, please.” Once she is done mangling my missile, my tears merge with my jizz to create a viscous sludge representing the bond between pain and pleasure.


Despite its absurd popularity, I must confess that I've never seen Game of Thrones. Before you freak the fuck out, yes, I watched all of the sex scenes. You should know me better than that. I’m not a fucking retard. Of course, I would never miss out on those incredible sex scenes. They are some of the best ever shown on the small screen. It’s rare that a bitch of Daenerys Targaryen’s level gets naked on TV for us. Holy fuck, that cunt is hot. Any bitch that wants to don that costume and hop on my dick has the go-ahead.


G.O.A.T Status

Live Jasmine's cosplay section is one of the best locations to watch all these characters get naked. Live Jasmine is one of the most expansive live-streaming porn sites I've ever seen, so it's no surprise that they would attract so many cosplay whores trying to pay rent. It is one of the best sites to make money if you have a great rack, perky ass, tight pussy, and large wardrobe.


Being one of the largest live-streaming porn platforms means they've had the resources to develop a superb system for leading men to the best models. The place has excellent design principles. You will never feel lost or confused. The main menu is up top and has the options Live cams, New models, Promotions, Club elite, Awards, Mail, Favorites, Get credits, Language, Log in, Join now for free, Recommended Search bar, and display options.


Credits are cheap and easy to get your hands on. As an anonymous user, you can't tip and pay for private shows, so you must sign up for a membership. Once done, you can purchase credits using a card. They often have sales and promos, especially for new users, so keep an eye out for them.


Being one of the most prevalent live cam porn sites, they offer services in a wide range of languages. These include but are not limited to Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Magyar, Portuguese, Danish, and Suomi. If I didn’t list yours, check the site, as it might be there.


Helping You Hunt

A large filter runs down the left side. It's perfectly crafted to assist you in your search for the ideal performer. First, select the gender and category you are interested in. The category list is relatively conservative. However, they recently added interactive toys as an option, and I highly recommend it. The power you feel with a bitches orgasm in your hands from a thousand miles away feels excellent.


Next up is a trending tag list. As of my last visit, some examples are Hairy pussy, Pregnant, Anal, Milf, Italian, Big tits, Big ass, and German. Following that, you can choose your show type. There are Free chats, Private chats, Video calls, Mobile live, VIP shows, Interactive toys, Two-way audio, Stories, and HD.


Anywhere, Anytime

I love the mobile live option. If you work in an office and you’re like me the last time I had a real job, you take a lot of “bathroom breaks” to empty your balls of jizz. It was the only way to make it through a day’s work without wanting to kill my boss and coworkers. So I came to rely on watching mobile live streams to help keep my soul intact, and I reckon they can do the same for you. Live Jasmine's mobile streams always play smoothly and steadily. You don’t have to worry about pixel density drops or frozen screens.


Once you've selected some tags, choose the price range you are looking for. Prices vary from one cent to over ten dollars depending on the fuckablility and experience of the performer. Right now, you may think you'd never spend ten bucks on a slut but wait until you have to decide between seeing Velma from Scooby-Doo naked or not. You will be dishing out your rent money before you even know what happened.


Live Jasmine is a practiced veteran of the game. Over the years, they have learned what it takes to build an excellent live-streaming site. The menus are top-notch, the aesthetic engaging, and the performers sexy as all hell. Your rod won’t know what to do with itself.


However, even a vet like Live Jasmine makes errors. Sometimes performers that make it to the cosplay section are clearly not cosplaying anyone. It’s okay because they are still nude and flicking the bean, but I came for cosplay. Don’t show up unless you fit the bill.


Gather a list of all the fictional characters you have been begging to see naked and take it to Live Jasmine. You'll be busting a fat nut in no time flat.





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