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Streamate Cosplay

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Streamate Cosplay

The core of porn is fantasy. While the real world may refuse you the satisfaction you desire, the imagination is always willing to take your mind's eye where it wants to go.


Nobody Wants to Fuck You

It would be accurate to presume that Jennifer Lawrence would rather stand on a landmine than your shlong, but she can’t stop you from picturing what that gash must feel like. I bet it feels like a warm apple pie cooling on a window sill. Kimmy Granger would rather spend ten years in a Russian prison camp than let you eat her pussy out, but I bet her labia tastes like strawberries. Even Betty White prefers the company of a quality vibrator over whatever shitty strokes your dick can pump out.


But in the theater of your mind, you can move beyond Betty White and bone the entire cast of The Golden Girls. Shit, even the crew can get some. There's no way you wouldn't enjoy a VHS-quality recording of Blanche deep-throating your manhood. I know I sure as fuck would. That cunt was a freak without a leash. My imagination is running wild right now. I may have to put down this article to find some Golden Girls-themed porn to beat my meat too.


The fabrication doesn’t have to cease there, though. Actresses are one thing, but banging the characters, they portray is a whole other. That’s how you take it to the next level and get swept away into a universe of illusion and jizz. We all have our most beloved fictional characters we want to fuck the shit out of.


Playing Make-Believe

Think of someone like Harley Quinn. Holy shit, I bet Harley Quinn can turn a dong into a puddle of sticky cum at the snap of her fingers. You wouldn’t be able to use your cock again for a month. The bruises down your back from her giant hammer would leave permanent marks, and I guarantee her super strength translates over to her kegel muscles. She could smash your dick to smithereens with her pussy lips and break that shit off from the root. Amputation has never felt so pleasurable.


How about Princess Leia? There isn't a man on earth that doesn't want to slip that slave costume off. After spending years as Jabba the Hut's concubine, she will have forgotten what a good fucking feels like. I know Jabba isn't ripping that gash up? She can't remember what non-slimy dick feels like anymore. Even your minuscule wang that cums in two pumps will make that bitch orgasm. It will be the only time you get hit in the eye with pussy squirt juices.


Why stop at live-action movies? Show me a man on earth who didn’t have a tent in his pants after seeing a sultry Jessica Rabbit slink on screen, and I'll show you a man without a penis. That red dress, those titties, and that ass almost had me beating off in the theater. What does a man have to do to become a cartoonist? I’ll exchange the freedom of living in three dimensions as long as Jessica Rabbit gives up the pussy twice a day.


Or how about video games? Lara Croft lives the lonely life of an explorer. She is continually out on one adventure to another with no moment for the simple pleasures of sex. Wouldn’t you love to show her how wonderful a night on your rod could be? Her unused pussy probably has cobwebs growing in it. Are you the man for the job? Abso-fucking-lutely not. You're not even close. But in your imagination, you certainly can be, and that’s what we are discussing. It's about what you wish you could do, not what you can do.


There is a ton of cosplay porn on the internet to help your fantasies come to life. There isn’t a character I can think of that some pervert hasn’t created a sexy version of. You can even find fuckable female “It” clowns. You will never have wanted to jam your ham candle down a sewer drain more in your life.


However, passively watching cosplay porn gets a fapper only so far. Wouldn’t you love to interact with your favorite sexy fictional characters? Of course, you would. That’s what makes sexy cosplay streams the shit.


I’m sure you're aware that live streaming has taken the porn world over in the last decade. As an industry professional, watching this happen has been a pleasure, as not many things explode in popularity so quickly.


The combo of cosplay and live streaming is like peanut butter and jelly. They help each other shine. Being able to actually interact with a character you've spent your life fantasizing about will have your cock at attention in no time.


The cosplay section of Streamate is swarming with fuckable cunts dressed up and acting like a wide assortment of characters from shows, movies, cartoons, and video games. Furthermore, some cunts make up their own themed characters.


Excellent Design

Out of necessity, stream sites tend to be better built than other types of porn sites, and Streamate is no different. There are tons of easy-to-use menus and filters to assist in your hunt for the perfect whore. Up top is the main menu containing the options Search bar, Get a free account, Log in, Regions, Age, Features, Ethnicity, Fetishes, Language, and display options.


The content filter easily cuts out all the fat and delivers only the sexiest cosplay talents. If it weren't for the efficient filter, finding these cunts would be impossible.


Down the left side is a menu to help you navigate the rest of the site if you decide to explore a bit. From top to bottom, first comes the gender selector. After that, choose if you would like to search All girls cams, New models, or the Premium gold shows.


Next up is a list of trending tags. Some current examples are Big tits, Deep throat, Sexy feet, New models, Twerk, Gold shows, Great ass, and Mistress. There are a ton more where those came from, so you’re sure to find some shit you like. I mean, if you don’t like big tits and a great ass, what are you doing with your life anyway?


Once you click on a particular actress, her stream appears, along with plenty of info about a bitch. Below the stream is a cunt's profile. From here, you can see her name, location, age, and her average rating out of five stars. Then comes a short bio that includes her turn-ons and specialties.


Baseball Cards for Bitches

A stats card runs down the left side that includes all her essential characteristics like height, weight, measurements, tit size, hair color, and sexual orientation. There is also a selection of sample photos and video clips. The pics are free, but you will have to pay a few bucks for the video clips.


To the right of the stream is an area for you to chat with the model. Most are very interactive and even use tools such as remote vibrators. Below the comments, you can see a list of reviews from happy customers. For your convenience, there is also a table showing the times a whore shows up for work.


You can watch each model for a few minutes before your sample time shuts off, and you must become a member to resume. You won’t always have to pay once you have a membership, but I bet you won't be able to stop yourself from tipping your favored ladies. It will be worth paying rent late for the massive load you're about to bust.


Streamate will always have a supply of active cosplay live streams. Characters of all shapes, sizes, and origins are portrayed for your viewing pleasure. With each pump of your cock you'll forget a bit more about the real world. Have you actually been transported to the world of Family Guy, where Lois treats your penis like a lolly pop? Have you arrived in the land of the Amazonians where Wonder Woman awaits to ride your cock and crack her whip against your ass? I've always wanted to die from violent snu snu. No matter what, Streamates has it for you.


I would not change much on the site since they did a great job. However, it would be great if the thumbnails included the name of the character being portrayed. You can't always tell from the picture.


I bet you have five bitches in mind right now you want to hunt for, so I will leave you to stroke your cock. Have fun fuck faces.



+Great site design

+Efficient filters

+Tons of performer information



+No character names on thumbnails

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