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Cams.com Cosplay

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Cams.com Cosplay

My agenda doesn’t permit much wiggle room. I have a strict schedule to adhere to in order to fit both work and play. I watch porn for ten to twelve hours, eat, write these articles for an hour or two, and then I have to get some sleep. I'm exhausted by the end of the day. Playing pocket pool burns a ton of calories. I’m basically a fucking endurance athlete. That means I can’t persist on the regular seven or eight hours of sleep most of you need. I required between nine and eleven hours, depending on how much work I had to do and how many times I came that day.


The Porn Dude Lifestyle

Of course, my eating habits have to be equally as strict as my sleep schedule. I consume some form of calorie every hour or two. It’s a diet that compares to how professional bodybuilders eat. If I go longer than two hours without a meal, I will fall unconscious with my cock still in my hand. I can't be cumming and passing out at the same time. It's dangerous.


While I’m not a proud man, I would like to avoid friends or paramedics finding me snoring in the kitchen as fresh jizz crusts on my face. Plus, my favorite thing to do after masturbating is masturbate some more. I doubt they'd let me get away with that in the ambulance.


As you probably guessed, shit like family and hobbies must be sacrificed in favor of pocket pool and article writing. It’s not always easy, but that's how vital my readers are to me. I know to rely on me for the latest porn, and I can't let you down. You've prioritized family and work over masturbation. Although that seems like a big fuck up to me, I’m glad you do it. If everyone lived as I do, the planet would grind to a halt.


If I want to maintain my lifestyle, I need salt-of-the-earth fucks like you. That’s why I do what I do. I'll do the investigating, so you can go about your day. All you guys can keep the world on its axis, and I’ll handle your masturbation needs. By that, I mean I will provide you with the means to do the hard work yourself. I’m not beating your cock for you. That's your responsibility.


Men Love Fucking Strange

Some men want the newest porn because they see it as a conquest. They need that fresh shit like an Englishmen needs beans and blood sausage in the morning. Fortunately, I know of a way to ensure the porn you watch just came out of the oven, and it’s known as live-streaming.

If you have ever been on a porn tube site with popups, you should already know about live cams. I'd say they make up around half of all porn site popups. Live cams are enjoying massive popularity right now. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting one yet, you're fucking up. Live porn has a completely different vibe that I love.


What Makes Streaming the Best

First off, you can talk to these cunts. That isn’t a thing on a tube site. Kimmy Granger isn’t taking requests. Piper Perri can't hear you compliment her little perky tits no matter how loud you scream. Live models, on the other hand, love conversing with fans. It's how they make their money. Bitches take requests, compliments, and catcalling and listen to your moans. Many sites will start you off with the ability to send public text messages, but for an extra few bucks, you can get a DM or even audio.


Live bitches love getting up to random shit you don’t often see in traditional porn since penetrative sex usually isn’t the main feature. The finale is often spread eagle masturbation, but until then, anything can happen. Bitches hula hoop, dance, paint, play games, eat, and get up to all sorts of mundane tasks while naked.


One of my favorite aspects of live cams is the remote-controlled vibrators. If you didn't already know these exist, I bet you just shat yourself in excitement. It's the perfect accouterment to live-streaming porn.


The process is simple. First, a bitch rams an interactive sex toy up one of her holes. Then anyone watching the stream can control the toy by tipping the performer a certain amount. The more you spend, the longer you have control. Most toys allow you to manipulate the intensity and rhythm of the vibrator.


Finally, live cam porn is far more personal than your everyday porn clip. It may be as close as any of my readers get to touching a woman without her being a hooker.


With its sudden rise in popularity a few years ago, a shit ton of streaming sites exist. As to be expected, they vary significantly in type and quality. There are some shitty fucking sites on the net that you want to avoid, like the plague. Some are even straight-up shams. They play prerecorded performances, even going as far as to fake the public chat.


You don't have to worry about that bullshit on Cams. <strong>Cams is an outstanding illustration of what makes for a good streaming website</strong>. Their models are sexy, the streams actually live, and the bitches are horny. Girls are responsive and keen to put in the effort required for you to sling ropes across your favorite cum towel.


The site has a traditional streaming design. There isn’t much design variation between sites. The only buttons along the top are to sign up or log in. Otherwise, the main menu runs along the left side.


Menus and Filters

It is less a menu and more a filter to help you find the performer of your dreams. Start by selecting a gender. Your options are male, female, and transgender. Next, choose if you want to find a new performer or one who has been using Cams for a while now. This is an excellent filter for those who find themselves visiting often. New people are always joining, so you will never run out of yummy pussy to watch.


Then comes age. Your options are twenty to twenty-nine, Thirty to thirty-nine, forty to forty-nine, and fifty-plus. Most performers are between twenty and thirty-nine, but there are plenty of older bitches if you lean towards milfs and gilfs.


After that, you can select a race. There are Asians, Ebony, Latina, White, and others. Gingers make up most of the “other” category, along with what I think is a Native American. Speaking of redheads, you can also filter for hair color. Select from Redheads, Brunettes, Black Hair, and Blondes. I would love it if they added a hair length option, also. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a short-haired fairy, and others for a long-haired vixen.


That last filter is a combo menu that includes body types and activities. Some examples are BBW, Curvy, Petite, Big boobs, Anal, Bondage, Foot fetish, Oral sex cams, vibrators, and masturbation. Know that what happens in front of the camera isn’t limited to what’s on the list. Those are just the only things you can search for.


Cosplay for your Cock

If you're looking for a category to explore, I highly recommend the cosplay sluts. These bitches dress up as sexy versions of characters featured in your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, and video games.


Something about Cams attracts the best cosplayers on the streaming market. The performers know that Cams draw in a large crowd, so they'll have plenty of opportunities to make money.

I see a wide range of characters being portrayed, from Daphnie and Velma to the bitch from "Perfect Dark." What shows are you a fan of? Are you trying to see the sexy bitch in it naked? Of course, you are.


No matter what time of day or night, Cams is loaded with fuckable sluts flicking the bean. A man never knows when he might need to release his balls of sperm, so they remain at the ready. I've woken up from a dead sleep with my cock already in my fist. It’s always an emergency for me.

Cams is one of the most well-built modern streaming sites. It combines the best aspects of the best cam sites and creates a perfect storm. The extensive filter makes locating the sexiest models as easy as turning on your computer. These ladies are willing to go to the four corners of the earth just to make you cum.


As great as Cams is, I can see room for improvement. The main thing I would do is expand the content filter. There are tons of different activities that could be included in the menu.

If you have never visited a cam site, it’s time to mix up your meat-beating sessions with some live streaming.



+Large selection of performers

+Only sexy bitches

+Lots of cosplay



-Great filter, but it could get better

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