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There are a million and two reasons dudes watch live cams instead of classic prerecorded porn. Number one is the relationship between the model and the masturbator. There is absolutely no link between porn stars and my readers viewing traditional porn. That deep vaginal cream pie you’re seeing could have happened twenty years ago. For all you know, that slut could be in the grave by now. If she's somehow communicating with you, it's as a ghastly apparition. You’ll need an oracle if you want to sling some ham candle plasma at a phantasm.


Chatting With Whores

On the other hand, live cam services let you chat with a slut like you were in the same room. You can direct message them, make dirty requests, ask personal questions, compliment their body, and watch their reaction to your cock live on screen.


I know how much my readers love to scream the name of their most beloved porn stars as they spray baby batter around the room. Now for once, the bitch can actually hear you. Live cams are your chance to spread the love just as you spread jizz across your freshly washed sheets.


Even if you're too timid to interact with a live whore, the fact that you're watching a live event still delivers a feeling of fellowship that recorded porn can't mimic. Though you’re not partaking in the activity, knowing someone is creating the video you're watching at that very moment makes it more exciting to view. It cuts out some of the innate loneliness of beating your meat in your parent's basement.


Performers Could be Anywhere

Most live-streaming fans are also amateur porn aficionados. Considering that most live cam models are amateurs, this makes sense. Live sluts aren’t finely glossed cunts with a professional makeup crew and expensive lighting setup you find working for a major porn studio like Twistys. These aren’t veteran porn stars going through the motions of yet another Monday spent with three cocks in their ass. This is your sexy slut next door that walks her dog while her yoga pants cling to her pussy like plastic wrap. She has to buy those Lulu Lemons from somewhere, and it's pervs like us filling out her clothing budget.


How about that bitch you saw walking through the bank parking lot yesterday? She could be a cam model. Or that dirty whore at the pharmacy getting her script for chlamydia medication filled? She might blast away at her pussy with a ten-inch black dildo while a hundred people watch as we speak.


Here's a good one. How about your kid's math teacher? If the poor woman lives in the States, you can bet that her teaching paycheck barely pays her rent. She better start stripping and teasing in front of her webcam if she wants to afford more than a fridge box in a dark alley.


Taking Control of Your Sex Life For Once

One of the best elements of live cams is the remote-controlled dildos and vibrators. Their release took live streaming to a level no one saw coming, and all you have to do is tip. Each streaming site is distinct, but for a low price, you can usually take command of a cunts vibrator or dildo and give her a spin like your cock never could. My readers are two-pump chumps on a good day. 


It’s not as awesome as banging a bitch directly, but let's be real. You're expectations need to be low because that's never fucking happening, and live streaming is the next best thing. I'm impatient for a time I can connect my Tesla Sex Robot V1 to a live performer's vagina via Bluetooth. It’s one thing for me to control her pussy but a completely different thing for her to control my penis. When that moment arrives, you may never hear from me again. I'll retreat to a remote desert where I can live out the rest of my life doing what I love: slinging ropes to the point of exhaustion.


Bitches continuously rotate in and out of cam sites, so it's nearly impossible to get bored. You'll never be able to see them all. I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of perverted little whore battling for the attention of your dick so they can afford their car payment. With that kind of intense competition, ladies go to great lengths to be the best slut they can be. To put it another way, these bitches will break their backs for a dollar.


With the popularity of porn streaming sites increasing every day, more and more are crawling out of the woodwork. But as is often the case when the popularity of something shoots up, all these copycats suck balls. I can't sit and watch my fans waste time and money on some garbage. That's why I advise you to visit Cam 4. They have everything my readers need for a romantic evening alone at home.


In particular, we are checking out the cosplay category of Cam 4. They have a massive selection of cosplay models willing to tease and please in any fashion that earns them a few dollars. These cunts will dress up as Sonya from Mortal Kombat and go to great lengths to make you cum.


Simple Design

First, let's talk aesthetics. Cam 4 doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel when it comes to web design. They take a traditional approach that my dumb ass readers will find easy to navigate. It's not like you motherfuckers are geniuses. Up top is the main menu. Starting from the left is a drop-down filter. From it, you can sort by gender and the three most popular filters: if they are in the States, if they speak English, and if they are new performers. You can search for other countries and languages also.


The rest of the filter will apply to the site as a whole and not just the cosplay section. With it, you can search body type and type of female. Type of female means shit like teen, milf, goth, or sub.


Next is a repeat of the three most filters followed by a list of popular tags. It includes fun stuff like squirting, Anal, deep throat, big ass, big boobs, blow job, and roll the dice.


Under the menu are rows of live performers. Each thumbnail tells you the name, number of viewers watching, if it’s in HD, if they have a toy, if they are new, and sexual preference. Finally, a list of related categories is located at the bottom of the site. Most of these are in the format of cosplay blank. Some examples are cosplay cam girls, cosplay teens eighteen plus, cosplay black hair, cosplay small breasts, cosplay mixed race, and cosplay hairy pussy.


Lusy in the Sky with Titties

It's time to get eyes on some of the sluts you'll find performing on Cam 4, beginning with Lucy. Lucy loves to dress in a Japanese anime schoolgirl costume. You know what I'm talking about. They're those blue and white get-ups with the bow between the breasts.


Speaking of breasts, Lucy has a nice set of them. She's a bit on the thick side, so if that's your thing, make sure to give her a watch. Lucy loves to dance around the room with a remote-controlled vibrator stuck in her pussy.


You are welcome to take control of it if you have the tokens. Once you see this sluts fat ass, you won't be able to help yourself. Before you know it, you'll be out of tokens, and Lucy will be rocking a new Prada Japanese school uniform.


Tag Team

Next up, we have Jolene. Jolene's classic streaming uniform is cat-themed. As sexy as that is, my favorite part about her streams is that she often invites a friend to join. The only thing better than one cat-girl slut is two cat-girl sluts.


These two have zero qualms about sharing their lesbian passion with the world. Jolene is a skinny redhead with perky petite tits and an innocent face. Her most commonly used partner is a thick brunette with big tits and fuck me eyes.


Cam 4 has an incredible selection of cosplay performers teasing and flicking the bean for all to watch. Don't let their efforts be expended in vain by not watching. They want to see you fire a load while staring into their eyes.


My only complaint is that some bitches sneak into the cosplay category without cosplaying. While I still enjoy the show, it's not what I came for.


Jolene and friends want you to join Cam 4 this very minute. Wouldn't you like to help them pay rent?



+Sexy performers

+Remote controlled sex toys

+Wide range of characters played



-Some performers not cosplaying

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