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ImLive Cosplay
ImLive Cosplay

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Porn is seldom static. Humans love originality, especially in the domains of intercourse and pleasure. Porn can’t take a vacation if it wants to stay at the top of its game. You would be blown away by how much the adult industry has affected human history. The way we imbibe media could be completely different if porn didn’t make some tough choices in the past. Fuck that. The whole world would be a wildly different location if it weren’t for the efforts of porn. 


Porn is Creating our Future

Many folks know the effect porn has had on home video watching. It's the reason Betamax flopped, and HD DVD never got wind in its sails. Porn chose VHS and blu ray over their respective competitors. Once the adult industry made that determination, the rest of the planet had to follow whether they liked it or not. Personally, I'm glad porn is at the reigns of video technology. Who else could I trust more?


Believe it or not, porn's charity work has extended to assisting the deaf. Deaf people want to jerk off just as much as the next guy. Closed captioning may have taken much longer to gain traction were it not for porn. If it had, the design of it would definitely be different.


This next one may shock you out of your chair. The method with which libraries organize their archives was partially conceived by the adult industry. That’s why I get so pissed off when libraries kick me out for watching bitches fuck on their computers. Come on, you prude librarian cunt. Your bitch ass wouldn’t even have a gig if it weren’t for pervs like me. You better just hand me a tissue so I don't get jizz on your floor, and leave me the fuck alone. That is unless you want to provide a helping hand. I'll be unloading a wad at your place of business either way, bitch. You can thank me later, you Dewey decimal dick dumpster.


Live streaming can join the pantheon of stuff the adult industry has assisted in developing. Live streaming took the porn world by storm, and I totally get why. For ages, we had been forced to watch prerecorded fuck sessions that felt far away and unreachable. Don’t get me wrong. Traditional prerecorded porn is fucking awesome. I've watched more than my fair share over the years. Anything involving naked bitches is fine by me, but porn feels so much more personal when you are watching a slut in real-time.


When Do I Get to Finger My Fleshlight?

That's because live streaming gives you direct access to the performer. You can speak with them on a chat, send them direct messages, and even control remote sex toys. Shit, you might as well be in the room at that point. As VR helmets continue to progress (in no small part thanks to porn), soon, you will be right there with a bitch finger blasting her with a Fleshlight dildo controller. I can't wait.


One of my favorite genres of live streaming is cosplay. There is something about the nature of cosplay that attracts cunts who find porn degrading. However, when donning a Sailor Moon costume, they have no problem flicking the bean for the webcam like Kimmy Granger.


It's like some sort of cosplay-driven hypnosis. I'm so glad it exists because the cunts involved in cosplay are incredibly sexy. I'm talking about nines and tens down the line. They could be runway models if it wasn't for poor parenting.


Now that I have your dick standing at attention, it’s time to check out I'm Live. I'm Live is an extensive live streaming porn website with a special love for cosplay. They have an array of available categories, but cosplay artists seem to be drawn to the site. I’m not sure what it is about I'm Live that attracts them, and I don’t give a shit to know as long as they keep coming.


Experienced Design

The site looks sharp and has an assortment of menus and filters to assist your search for the ideal cosplay whore. Up top is the main one with the options for Live cams, Videos, Top host arena, Multi-viewer, Press, Proud moments, Login, and Sign up for free. That’s all self-explanatory except perhaps the proud moments. It’s there that Im Live celebrates its most significant accomplishments, including its birthday. I'm Live has recently turned 18. Now it's finally old enough to start streaming itself.


Given their nearly two decades of experience, you can bet these motherfuckers know exactly what the fuck they are doing. It isn’t their first, second, or even third rodeo. They don’t even ride the bull anymore. When a bull sees them approach, it turns tail and flees.


Down the left side is the primary filter used to locate the proper cunt for you. It includes filters for Women, Men, Trans, All hosts, New hosts, Top hosts, Interactive toys, Prepaid sessions, Age, Ethnicity, and Price. That’s just the main filter. There are four more categories of filters: Hair, Special, Show type, and Appearance. The special category includes shit like Multi-viewer, Group cams, Toys, Discount Club, Hall of Fame, and Pornstars.


I was disappointed to see that the filters act on the whole site. That is to say that you can’t narrow down your filter past cosplay. I want to be able to hunt down shit like cosplay teens, Ebony cosplay, Interactive toy cosplay, and the like. It’s not often sites do this, and I’m not sure why. It makes zeroing in on the perfect slut so simple.


Stars of the Show

Let's check out some of the bitch you'll meet on I'm Live. We'll start simple with Alicia, who loves a classic schoolgirl outfit. Schoolgirl outfits have been giving dudes boners for years and years. It's the only reason to attend a catholic college. Best of all, those bitches are repressed. They can't wait to suck dick for the first time. However, you'll have to tutor them.


Alicia has a spectacular ass and perky titties. Her face tells me she has the type of attitude in bed that's sure to make me cum. Alicia might be Latino but could be Italian also. Either way, I'm offering her an open invite to my cock anytime she wants. I'm always available for business.


Alicia always has her trusty remote control vibrator with her. You can see it hanging out between her legs anytime she's seated on her bed. It will only cost you ten credits to control it for twenty seconds. It might be the best ten credits you spend in your life.


Next, we have Shara. Shara appears to be dressed as every female Mortal Kombat player all at once. It's particularly sexy because the look is at odds with her natural elegance. The only part of her body that gives away her inner sexual nature is those fuck-me eyes. I'd fuck this cunt all night long.


To go along with those fuck-me eyes is a smirk that tells me she can suck the fuck out of a dick. I bet she has developed some of her own original techniques that she could teach a masterclass on. She certainly has been delivering a masterclass on masturbation.


That takes me to Kathe. Kathe is currently rocking a sexy kitten look that has me playing with my balls. I'd love to cover her cat ear headphones and cat glasses with a fat load of my baby batter.


It appears that her tits were made for titty fucking. They have a center pocket that's perfectly sized to slide my massive hog between. The only problem I'd have is that I can't fuck Kathe's tits and suck her nipples at the same time. That would be incredible. I need to grow a second mouth where my belly button is.


Just like Alicia, Kathe likes to keep her remote-controlled vibrator at hand. I highly recommend you purchase some time because her moans and whimpers could make a deaf dude cum in his pants. I bet Kathe hums when she sucks cock. It probably feels like fucking a bitch while she sits on a clothes dryer.


I would be remiss to not talk about this bitches ass before I move on. I give it an eight out of ten on the spankability scale. My hand would sting before I stopped.


I'm Live has a terrific collection of cosplay live performers ready to tease your cock until you spill seed all over your computer desk.


My only complaint is that some bitches in the cosplay section aren't dressed like anyone. While I appreciate that they're all sexy, I came for some cosplay.


Head over to I'm Live this instant and get an eyeful of Alicia, Shara, or Kathe. You won't be disappointed.



+Thousands of performers

+Wide range of cosplay

+Remote control sex toys



-Some performers not cosplaying

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